Bubble Tea for Events, Birthday Parties & Weddings

Bubble Tea for Events, Birthday Parties & Weddings
Bubble Tea for Events, Birthday Parties & Weddings

It is very simple. You can view our bubble tea menu and decide on the bubble tea flavour (we have clear and milky) and your toppings. You then decide on the quantity of bubble tea that you would like to order. You should base your bubble tea order quantity on the number of guests that you are expecting. Of course, not all guests will drink bubble tea but you should try to accurately predict the number of bubble tea cups you will require. All bubble tea plastic cups come with different coloured plastic straws and each cup of bubble tea carries the flavour name as well as the toppings. This will make it easier for your guests to choose their bubble tea. Once you have booked in your bubble tea, we will prepare the bubble tea under sanitary conditions on the day of your event and our driver will deliver them to you along with your shisha hire package.

We are delighted to introduce our vegan and halal bubble tea for events packages. Most of us have tried bubble tea at some stage whether in a shopping mall or in the famous China Town in London. Now you can order your favourite bubble tea drink for your party, event or wedding. We have an amazing selection of bubble tea flavours and add ons. Bubble tea is an excellent addition to shisha hire because it introduces another dimension of flavour to your party and really improves the shisha experience. Just imagine how tired your guests must be of drinking mainstream fizzy drinks! Offer them something new today! Bubble tea is perfect for family parties and provides a great alternative to unhealthy fizzy drinks and even alcohol. All of our tea is freshly made to order on the day of your event, which means that you will have only the freshest bubble tea. Bubble tea can be a lot of fun at any event, especially given our exciting variety of exotic custom made flavours and mind-blowing toppings.

10 Benefits of Bubble Tea you did not Know About

Did you know that bubble tea is considered a “superfood” because it has a lot of natural anti-oxidants. Bubble tea has many health benefits including:

  1. Bubble tea helps to fight against kidney disease
  2. Bubble tea Burns Fat
  3. Bubble tea increases exercise endurance
  4. Bubble tea can lower the risk of cancer
  5. Bubble tea can help fight allergies
  6. Bubble tea can help to lower blood pressure
  7. Bubble tea can help to protect against diabetes
  8. Bubble tea protects against heart disease
  9. Bubble tea can help build strong bones
  10. Bubble Tea can help prevent arthritis
How does Bubble Tea for Events Deliver Work?

Bubble tea is flavoured green tea with all sorts of tasty toppings. It is consumed through a large straw.

What exactly are tapioca boba?

Tapioca boba are derived from cassava root starch, caramel and brown sugar. Tapioca boba are black-ish round bubbles with a chewy gummy bear like texture.

What are bubble tea jelly toppings made from?

These are made from agar jelly (or green tea jelly), aloe vera and coconut.

What are Popping Boba?

Popping boba look very similar to tapioca boba but have some tasty juice inside them that will pop in your mouth.

What toppings can I get?

It is entirely up to you. You can mix and match different toppings depending on your personal taste palette.

What is Bubble Tea Made from?

Bubble tea is flavoured green tea with all sorts of tasty toppings. It is consumed through a large straw.

Here is an Interesting Piece of History on Bubble Tea

Bubble Tea originated in Taiwan in the 1980s and spread throughout Southeast Asia before finding its way to the UK. Most of us think of bubble tea as being synonymous with boba tapioca pearls, but bubble tea was originally just a cold milk tea that was shaken until frothy. Sometimes boba were added, but basil seeds or cubes of jelly were also used. The popularity of bubble tea did not begin to sky rocket only until the last few years. As the name suggests, bubble tea contains a tea base with fruit flavor or milk. The exciting part of the bubble tea is in the small chewy tapioca balls, which are also commonly known as the “the chew balls”.