Event Shisha Hire

Event Shisha Hire

Is Shisha Harmful?

Technically speaking yes, although only negligibly. The water takes away approximately 90% of the harmful chemicals (excluding THC), and so a pipe contains merely 0.5% nicotine and 0% tar. Also, if its not inhaled, there is no danger of lung cancer. We have herbal and tobacco molasses and tobacco is only supplied by request. If you use our electronic shisha, then no.

How long should each bowl last?

The average bowl with two to three smokers should last anywhere from 45 min. to 1 hr. Make sure you keep it lit by having red hot charcoal burning at all times. If you are using our electronic shisha then it will last for 5 hours.

I don’t have a credit card, can I still order from your site?

We offer other payment options such as cash, cheque or money order by mail or on the night of the event for your convenience.

Do you hire outside of the United Kingdom?

We have in the past hired shisha pipes in Spain, however we request that you contact us with your exact hire requirements and we will reply to you with a quote and instructions on how to make payment.

How many pipes do you hire?

As many as you want, we recommend 5 shisha pipes per assistant, so if you require 10 pipes then this will be with 2 assistants to prepare and serve the pipes.

What is the amount of time you stay at the event?

This is up to you, we normally stay for 5 hours but have also been to events lasting 10 hours a day for 3 days like Knebworth.

Can you supply the marquee as well as the cushions?

Yes we can, we use a sub contractor for the supply and can organise this if required.

How well dressed is the assistant?

The assistant is well dressed and if requested can also wear the arabic style dress for serving.

Can we have the hire inside?

If it’s the original shisha and a private hire and everyone is happy for this then yes, otherwise the law states that 3 sides of a building or tent must be open at all times. If its the electronic shisha, then yes.

Do you have insurance?

Unfortunately there is no company that will insure for hire / smoking shisha pipes. We have risk assessments, method statements and competence statement which is adequate. Insurance for the electronic shisha pipes.

What type of shisha coals do you use?

Depending on our stock, we use natural coconut and lemon tree coals. We also have quick light coals should you wish to use them. Quick light coals are easier to start. Coconut and lemon trea coals take longer to start but do not have gunpowder in them and burn longer.

How long does a shisha tobacco bowl last?

Anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes. You should remove the coals from the bowl when you are not smoking the shisha.

My shisha flavour is harsh. What can be causing this?

There are several things that may be happening. Ensure that your coals have been prepared properly. Try removing several coals and try with one piece of coal. Try to move the coal around on the tobacco bowl every 10 minutes to ensure that the coal is heating a new segment of shisha tobacco inside the bowl. If this does not solve the harsh shisha taste, you may need to replace your shisha tobacco bowl.

Will I receive hygienic shisha pipe mouth tips?

Yes, we will supply you with enough hygienic mouth tips. Each guest should hold on to their mouth tip and inset it into the shisha hose when they are smoking shisha.

What is your standard shisha tobacco?

We use the most popular and authentic Al Fakher shisha tobacco. It comes in many popular flavours and is renowned for its quality and authenticity across the world.

What is your premium shisha tobacco?

Our premium shisha tobacco is Starbuzz. It is an American brand that is renowned for its unique flavour combinations.

What is the difference between a Classic Shisha Pipe and a Fruit Shisha?

We still use the same Khalil Mammoon Shisha Pipes. The only difference is that with fruit shisha pipes, we use a fruit carved bowl instead of a standard clay bowl. We can prepare fruit shisha bowls out of a pineapple, melon, apple, grapefruit and other fruits.

What is an Alcohol Shisha Pipe?

We can add some alcohol such as champagne, vodka and wine to the shisha vase to enhance the flavour of the shisha. We will also match the alcohol type to the shisha flavour.

Can I mix and match shisha?

Yes. We can create a bespoke shisha package for any event or occasion. So far, we have catered for Arabian Nights event theme, Morocco theme events and many more.

What exactly is a Fruit Shisha?

It is a standard shisha pipe with a carved fruit head (melon, pineapple, apple, etc.) which contains a tobacco filling. A fruit head helps to make an impression on the guests as well as increases the quality of the smoke as it does not heat up as much as a clay tobacco bowl and the tobacco mixture mixes with the fruit juice which provides smooth and fragrant smoke clouds.

What is a Cocktail Shisha?

It is a shisha pipe which contains a premium tobacco mix in the bowl and delicious cocktail in the vase which resembles the taste of many popular cocktails.

I do not know what to get. What would you recommend for an event?

A combination of Fruit shisha pipes, traditional shisha pipes and cocktail shisha pipes in an equal proportion.

I want something totally unique for my event?

VIP shisha pipes is the answer. These are simply bespoke shisha pipes prepared to suit your event. Typically, VIP shisha is a hybrid of cocktail shisha pipes, traditional shisha and fruit shisha. However, what makes the VIP shisha pipes stand out is bespoke design by our professional in-house designers.

Do you have shisha assistants?

Yes. We provide shisha assistants to prepare and manage the shisha pipes for an agreed duration as well as to enforce our internal health and safety standards.

How many shisha assistants will I require?

Typically, the industry standard is a minimum of one shisha assistant per five shisha pipes as this is a shisha assistant’s maximum capacity.

Can I order shisha pipes without a shisha assistant(s)?

You certainly can. However, you will need to have the requisite knowledge of preparing and maintaining shisha pipes. We strongly recommend that you order your shisha pipes with shisha assistants to ensure the best quality and compliance with the health and safety standards.

What is the maximum number of shisha assistant(s) you can supply?

Over fifty at present but this number is set to rise in order to meet the increasing demand.

What is the included in the shisha package?

We will provide you with disposable mouth pieces, prepared shisha pipes, coals, tongs, protective cover for coals and anything else you may require in addition.

Can I have unlimited tobacco refills at my event?

Yes. We will charge you for tobacco refills according to the number of hours that you require the shisha pipes for since shisha tobacco lasts for up to an hour. We will also provide replacement fruit bowls.

How much do you charge for shisha assistants?

£20 per hour from 9am to 12pm. After 12pm we charge £30 per hour.

Do you provide extras for the shisha pipes?

Yes. You can have ice-hoses (cools the smoke), drinks in the vase (to enhance the flavour) and many more.

Is Shisha Harmful?

Yes, smoking in general is harmful.