Hire Belly Dancers for your Event

Hire Belly Dancers for your Event
Hire Belly Dancers for your Event

In addition to our shisha pipe rental for events, birthdays and weddings in the UK, we have expanded our offering to include professional belly dancer hire. Spice up your event and engage your guests in ways they never imagined. Through fluidity of movement and vibrant, glamorous costuming our belly dancers will enchant your audience. Our belly dancers will take your guests on a magical journey where great energy is abundant, beauty is supreme and joy is a necessity! Performances can be tailored to suit your requirements. The rates will vary depending on the dacing time, number of sets and location of the event.Performers may use a variety of props including veil, isis wings, finger cymbals, saidi stick, fan veils, or snake charming. Please see the individual profiles of our belly dancers below and navigate through the gallery.


Hire Belly Dancers for your Event

Paula is a professional, experienced belly dancer, able to perform a variety of dance styles at a wide range of events for a diverse range of cultures and age groups. Paula can create a glamorous, fun, sophisticated and exotic atmosphere for your event or party. Paula realises that your special event deserves professionalism, quality and experience . As well as performance Paula can host, meet and greet (with or without snakes). Paula can also work with a wide range of props- Swords, Finger cymbals, (zills) veils, trays, candelabra (shamadam), Isis wings and silk and feather fans.

Paula understands the cultural significance of Bellydance at Middle Eastern events. She can also apply this and make it accessible for none Middle Eastern people. A belly dancer is an ancient symbol of fertility , abundance and an embodiment of a blessing to the union of the couple.

Incorporating multi-cultural elements to wedding receptions is a growing trend now-a-days. Many couples want to include important cultural elements like Bellydance to educate and include guests in their culture. Some individuals may simply wish to provide something different and special for their big day. Bellydance is very popular in the West now and many people are booking belly dancers for weddings and hen parties.

Snake dance /walk about/meet and greet.

Paula – Prince Bashar and Xenia warrior Queen. Friendly, fun Pythons

Bashar and Xenia can be booked as a double act (with Paula).These two Royal Pythons are very sweet and love to meet people.They are VERY easy going and love to be adored and stroked by the public. They enjoy performing and like being photographed. Paula loves to talk and educate people about how fascinating snakes are. Bashar and Xenia are Paula’s beloved pets and get treated like the Royalty that they are! You can’t train snakes like other animals and they wont do any thing they don’t want to do. Xenia and Bashar love dancing and like to co-choreograph improvised work with Paula. The are a husband and wife team who love each other very much and like working together, but understand when only one is required!


Make your event original, exotic and fun by booking a professional belly dancer. Tatiana will make the night of your event a night to remember, she will surprise your guests and provide a pleasant and delightful show. Based in London, Tatiana is available for hen parties, weddings, birthday parties, farewell parties, bellydance workshops or any other kind of special events. Tatiana beautifully dances to all kind of arab and egyptian music wearing beautiful, shiny and colourful high quality dresses.


Guinevere is a sensual, graceful and earthy belly dancer with a wealth of experience performing at festivals, restaurants and events. She is trained in Egyptian and modern stage styles and brings unique creativity to her show pieces. Guinevere provides splendid displays with Isis wings, silk veil, fire tray and saiidi cane. Her drum solo style is fun, uplifting, mesmerising and not be be missed. Guinevere brings warmth and variety to the stage. She connects well with audiences and is able to improvise to work with and energise a crowd.

Some of her bookings have included;The Sphinx Festival, Egypt, Majma Festival, UK, Cardigan Belly Dance Festival, Wales, Nozstock Festival, UK, B2B Business conference, Wales and The Meditarnean Restaurant, Wales.

‘A big thank you for coming to our Moroccan evening – your dancing contributed to the theme of the event greatly and an enjoyable and successful evening was had by all.’ Beggars Reach Hotel, Pembrokeshire.

‘Thank you for helping to make our event such a success. Your performance really made the evening and so many people have expressed their appreciation. Stunning & spell binding!’ Wales, Amnesty International.

Belly dancers will make complement your shisha pipe rental by adding an exotic, Middle Eastern atmosphere to your event.