VIP Shisha


Hire Vip Shisha Pipes For Your Birthday, Party Or Wedding In Reading, London And Parts Of Uk

Our VIP Collection is as close you will get to what Sheikhs and the Royalty Smoke. Our VIP shisha pipe collection was designed and made by us exclusively for a client who has tried almost every type of shisha from the surface of the Earth. We therefore came up with what our client described as “the best shisha in the world that only the Royalty would smoke”.

Our VIP shisha pipe range is handcrafted in limited edition batches bearing our hallmark of excellence and perfection. Our exclusive shisha pipe collection is gold plated using 24 carat gold, after which it is covered in genuine snake and fish skins and meticulously embedded with real sea pearls and diamonds.

Ostrich and Peacock feathers are then attached to the shisha pipes to create a majestic and graceful finish to our shisha pipe collection. The hose handle is covered in fur to create a pleasant tactile feel. All our shisha pipes are made using ethically sourced snake skins and furs that are in compliance with the C.I.T.E.S. guidelines. Due to the extremely high value of these shisha pipes, hire is restricted to clients that undergo our vigorous background checks. Our VIP collection is available for sale and can be pre-ordered by contacting us.

Buy Bespoke Shisha Pipes

Our VIP shisha pipe range is ideal for those looking for ultimate shisha luxury. Our VIP shisha pipes come with limited edition hookah tobacco / molasses made in extremely small batches for us in the Latin America using Southern American tobacco leaves and include flavours such as milk and honey, Kentucky Bourbon, roasted almond and vanilla, red banana, champagne and truffles. The VIP shisha range can also be used with our limited edition gold plated electronic shisha heads powered by coils and operate in the same way as a MOD but with greater power and vapour production. Electronic VIP shisha pipes come with limited edition eliquid / ejuice prepared exclusively for us by a UK boutique eliquid manufacturer E-LUXE LONDON.

All our water pipes are accompanied by professional and highly-skilled assistants who will set up, manage and supervise the shisha pipes for the duration of your event. Our assistants will also work with you to plan the layout and the set up process to minimise any health and safety hazards and present your guests with an enjoyable and unique shisha experience.

If you would like to learn more about our VIP water pipe collection or make a booking, do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you. Click here for shisha hire reading.